Sunshine Crowning


There are few places that can compare to Brooklyn when you’re searching for a gorgeous vintage dress. In July last year I went to visit one of my best friends from college and we stopped in at 1 of a Find. As soon as I saw that confection with a knife-pleat skirt and those sheer lace panels at the shoulders, I knew it was mine. I wore it right out of the store! It set me back a good portion of my quarterly incentive, but it was well-worth it. It came with a matching slip, but for this look I decided to switch it out for that slinky chartreuse number I found at my local SA (Salvation Army). I feel the pop of color and the shorter length underneath lent a bit of modernity.

Heels that blend well with your skin tone give an elongating effect, so they were the obvious choice since the dress hits me at mid-calf, which can be a tricky length to work with. I found those heels at a little vintage collective known as Stash, which is nestled in midtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania–my current location. They’ve got this adorable stitching around the toes that you can see in the detail pic below. I gathered my hair up into a bun and wrapped a lovely sunshine-yellow scarf (also found at Stash) around as a band. In the detail pic, you can see it’s lightly embroidered. Details are important!

Yes, the ring in the detail pic is made with a Scrabble tile. Yes, it’s awesome. I picked it up from a street seller in Brooklyn while at a farmer’s market the same day I bought that dress. He’s got a shop on Etsy, called PLANETert.

I wanted a look that was casually elegant. I could wear it to work, or I could wear it to get married. I think it worked out well.

Oh, and as a bonus–this is a pic of me the day I bought the dress. My friend and I spotted this super-cute bike that I had to pose next to, hah. And I apologize for the fedora. Actually…nah. I don’t.

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