It Ain’t Easy

A bright, slinky slip is easy to build an outfit on. You’ve already seen this chartreuse beauty in my last post, Sunshine Crowning. Originally from Victoria’s Secret, I came across it at my local SA (Salvation Army). I meant to keep it as nighttime-only wear, and I do love to wear feminine nightgowns (I own several vintage peignoir sets), but eventually I came to see its other possibilities. I’ve bunched up the bottom and tied it to wear as a top with jeans. I’ve put skirts on over it, and as in the previous post, sheer dresses. With this look, I wanted to be more daring and use it as the base for a very, very mini dress.

The blouse is another SA find, originally from Zara. The blue and orange making up the pattern complement the chartreuse wonderfully. With the billowy nature of the blouse and the slip, a slim belt adds a bit of waist definition. The gorgeous earrings are, once again, from the Clip or Die shop on Etsy. I like that they occasionally peek out from behind my big hair to add an extra bit of color.

Donning a bold, bright and baring look like this and going out in the afternoon like you’ve not got a care in the world requires a healthy share of confidence. I wouldn’t have been able to go out in this a couple of years ago, thinking it would be too sexy, but I have recently adopted a quote from one of my favorite supermodels, Joan Smalls: “If you think something is too sexy, you’re too boring.”

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