Just Add Water?


I wondered for awhile what the whole deal was with bodysuits. Most look just like swimsuits to me, and that is part of the point behind this look. I bought the swimsuit last summer at Stash, a place I’ve mentioned in previous posts. I remember it was on a mannequin and there was a bright flowered scarf wrapped around the waist as a sarong. That bold yellow, the black triangle print, the near-bare back, the braided waist belt–it was love at first sight. I asked one of the ladies working there to take it off so I could try it on, but I really didn’t need to to know that it was meant to be mine.

I haven’t been to a beach in years, sadly. But I really wanted to wear this swimsuit. And I was going to find a way to wear it, no-tides-rolling-over-sand be damned. Enter this delicious little skirt I found at SA for a few bucks. It made me think of chocolate-chip ice cream when I first spotted it. Hah, spotted! Get it? Never mind, that was kind of lame.

The modest wedge heels are good for a day out; I’d probably wear higher heels for nighttime. This is an overall great look for actually going to the beach, too. I thoroughly enjoy the mix of patterns and the subtle inclusion of another primary color (the red earrings, also found at Stash) to contrast with the yellow. To add a bit more edge, I pinned all my hair to one side. Shout-out to one of my FB friends who posted a YouTube video featuring how-tos for curly hair styles!

Alright, so even though I don’t have convenient access to a beach, at least my rooftop terrace allows me to stretch out on some cheap aluminum lawn chairs and soak up the sun. I added a few quick swipes of cherry-red lipstick in case some cute guy made his way up there. Alas, it didn’t happen. Better luck next time!

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