Temptation in the Garden

Last week I was packing for my Memorial Day weekend trip to Pittsburgh. It was nearly 1 A.M. and my duffel bag was still empty. I was wondering whether to take the outfits I’d begun to think about coordinating along with me to shoot for this week’s posts. And then my eyes started raking over the contents of my dressing room, trying to…actually coordinate outfits.

I rifled through my skirt section and found the double-layer black maxi skirt with narrow knife pleats that I’d bought last summer from SA for a few bucks. And then my eyes were caught by my sheer black bodysuit (yeah, okay, I guess I see the point of some bodysuits) peeking out from the corner of my shirt drawer. The gears started turning. I opened my shoe closet and grabbed my BCBGirls stilettos, a Goodwill purchase that had held up well for the last several years because I rarely wore them. I’m a lifelong pedestrian, and stiletto heels become foot torture devices after a certain distance is covered. As a finishing touch, I plucked up my gunmetal, industrial-style clip-on earrings from, once again, Etsy’s Clip or Die. (Seriously. Check it. You can ask for hooks!)

Recently, I’ve been considering how far I am willing to go in the creation of an ensemble. How short am I willing to go? How sheer am I willing to go? This look is definitely the furthest I’ve been pushed into my exploratory transition. Ultimately, I wanted the final product to be revealing…tempting…elegant. Boldly sophisticated. After much fumbling around in front of the mirror in the middle of the night, I was able to turn this…


Into this:




017When I was waiting for the elevator, an older man came to stand next to me and struck up a conversation. He said I outshone everyone who was at the Met Gala this year.

I guess that’s mission accomplished.

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