Waiting For Godot

WFG WFG1Last summer, I was on a mission to find the ideal multi-use dress. I wanted one thing that could be conservative, or sexy. Something that could stand on its own, or act as a background for interesting minor details. It took awhile. I scoured the internet, my heretofore trusted SA (Salvation Army)…I kept coming up empty.

I am not the most patient person, so after a few days, I gave up, thinking it was never going to happen. And then one day when browsing Stash, I came across what I felt at the time was a bit of a peculiar article–a sleeveless linen-blend sheath in a pukey sort of color that was seriously doubted in its ability to flatter any complexion, even mine. But I liked the buttons going all the way up, no matter that the buttons weren’t particularly attractive either, and that it had a removable, waist-defining belt.

I tried it on; after some hemming, hawing and a few well-placed compliments by the shop owners in residence that day, I went home with it. I wondered if it would ever leave my closet; I wondered if I’d made a mistake and wasted my money. Eventually though, I fell in love.

I made this look a little sexy. I unbuttoned the top half of the dress so my layered satin and lace camisoles would peek through, and I left the bottom button undone too, to show off some extra leg. I paired it with low wedges (you can see the fake tortoiseshell/croc pattern on the straps in the detail pic) and a long necklace with feather charms. You’ll likely see this dress down the line, styled in myriad other ways.

And so ends my unexpected fairytale. Getting what one wants in a dress apparently is not impossible–unlike meeting up with this dude. Where the hell IS he? I’ve been out here for-everrrr…

025 015

026 022

018 020 021

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