Everyone Loves A Slinky (Slip Dress)

003 004For Easter weekend, I was in the Pittsburgh area staying with my papa and his partner. She took me to this awesome thrift store that I can’t remember the name of (sorry) , but it looked like it could’ve been a chain common in the area. Naturally, I went to town on the somewhat disheveled racks and came away with several dresses, one of them being this light-as-air, nude slip dress that softly molded itself to my body and made my decolletage look good enough to eat with that cowl neck working absolute magic. With a brand on the tag by the name of Peep Studio, you know you’re going to be inspiring double-takes wherever you go.

I prefer to accent nude shades with metallic accessories, so I chose slightly varying tones of gold. I found the fish-scale belt with that gorgeous buckle at Stash, and the sequined stilettos from SA. I like that the shoes and belt don’t totally match; it keeps the look a little more interesting.

The dress was one thing I hadn’t realized I’d been wanting for a very, very long time until I saw it right in front of me. I can recall browsing other stores, in real life and online, absentmindedly, waiting for something to catch my attention and ask to join the ranks of my other well-loved clothes. This dress was it. And it didn’t ask–it demanded. I said yes with no hesitation.



I kept to the nude look on my face too, adding a matte peach lipstick and topping with a shimmery, golden gloss. In the detail pic you can see the lipstick is from Revlon. The gloss is Maybelline New York Color Elixer; the shade name is Glimmering Gold.


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