1×3: It Looks Better On Me Anyway: Independence Day

Let’s talk about boyfriend shirts. Or, as is more accurate for me, ex-boyfriend shirts…

I love the versatility of oversize button-downs, and while I was coordinating looks for this week, I found myself picking out multiple options for a single shirt. I then thought, “Well, this is fun. I should do this more.” So this marks the first set for “1×3”, a new venture that will feature a trifecta of posts centered around one item–one item, three different looks. The posts will be published on the normal every-other-day schedule, and will always have “1×3” before the title. There’s now a click-able category, right with beauty and style, so they can be found all together. This is the first regular feature I am installing here on Secondhand Honeymoon; stay tuned to it and watch out for other things coming in the future!

Going back to the look…

My last boyfriend and I were similar in our love of thrifting; we hit the stores semi-regularly when we were together. This shirt that he gave me, I think because the sleeves were too short or something, is from Brooks Brothers. The blue and white striping is super-preppy, very summery, so of course very easy to style in this season. I found the white skirt at SA, and the sandals from a Value Village thrift shop in Maryland.

For this first look I went for a patriotic motif, a bit ahead of July 4th…but I don’t need to wait; I celebrate my independence on a daily basis. 😉


I topped it all with bold accents of cherry red for my beauty look. Both the earrings and lipstick were previously featured in my “Just Add Water?” post.


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