1×3: It Looks Better On Me Anyway: Purple Rain


This is the second look I built around the Brooks Brothers ex-boyfriend shirt. I wanted something super-feminine with a distinctly boyish edge, and I think I succeeded. I felt very sexy in a…rakish, rumpled sort of way. I wanted to go drink absinthe and seduce and destroy scores of men.

These shades of purple and blue tend to blend into each other easily, so I included the scarf to break them up. It’s one of my high-end finds; I went to Philly on a vintage crawl in January and stopped into Wilbur: Vintage & Designer Clothing. Along with a wool skirt, I’d picked up this pink and purple striped beauty, designed by Oscar de la Renta. I don’t usually drop names, but…that is a name worthy of being dropped.

The shoes are my best find for this spring; I spotted them at Stash, 8 1/2 narrow. I wear a regular 8, so I was able to make them work with a bit of a pinch. They were made in Italy and that shade of leather is just beyond gorgeous. There’s some adorable perforation throughout; you can see it in the detail pic.

Finishing off the look properly is the mock-straw fedora I cadged from a girlfriend of mine in Brooklyn last summer. Funnily enough, the hat reminded me of another ex; he wore a fedora the night we first met. I don’t have any of his shirts…but I did almost permanently lose a boot sock to him. I’d bought the pair while visiting him, and I came home from that weekend with one of them gone. It was a perfectly good pair of socks and I wasn’t going to let breakup awkwardness make me lose out, so I contacted him. It took a lot longer than I expected; at one point I was about to go Mean Girls on him: “I want my gray sock back! I WANT MY GRAY SOCK BACK!”, but he came through before I had to go that route.


For makeup, I went for a smudged, light smoky eye. Navy is a less obvious, and more soft, choice compared to black, and it does accentuate my brown eyes better. It’s pretty obvious by now that I’m a drugstore makeup gal at heart. “Maybe she’s born with it…”


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