1×3: It Looks Better On Me Anyway: I Don’t Care


This is the final look centered around the Brooks Brothers ex-boyfriend shirt. We all have those days post-breakup, after the  bubbling cauldron of rage and empowerment slows to a simmer and the lethargic sadness takes over. Those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed, much less get cute. And then one of your girlfriends calls (or more likely texts) and says “Hey, bitch, come for a walk with me. It’s gorgeous outside and I wanna get tan.” I don’t know about you, but I would say, “I’m already tan…” but reluctantly agree to the proposal.

Staring blankly into my closet, I halfheartedly pull out a T-shirt dress I found more than 5 years ago at my ever-reliable SA (Salvation Army), old-school Express. I love the quilted texture of the fabric, and the shape of the dress is classic and sexy. Perfect for when I don’t care, which is right now. There’s a bit of a breeze outside, so should probably find a topper…hm. I guess that shirt would be cute, with the stripes and all…his shirt. Sigh. Stop, it’s not like it smells like him or anything; it’s been mine. Just put it on, damn it. Okay, alright, I like this. Where are my wedge sandals…I guess it’s not too hard making myself cute.

How about a necklace; oh, I love that one I found at Stash. Instant drama…not unlike my relationship…aha. God, my hair is a mess. What to do, what to do with that? Oh, wait! Scarf time! I know the perfect one; it’s got all the colors I’m wearing woven into it and a lovely flower pattern. Wrap it around, tuck it…how charming.. I approve. Hmm, I wonder if I’ll run into him. What if he’s with another girl already?? Ugh, STOP IT. At least I look good. Wait…I don’t care. Right. No caring.


Ooh, nature walk, everything is so pretty and in bloom, just like me right now. I feel so good out in the bright sunshine, sniffing flowers, walking right across the street from his house. Hmm, how lovely, look at all the flowers, look at me so totally not caring that I am walking right past his house right the hell now.


Shit, is that him?

Damn it! Get it together immediately! Immediately! Resume flower-sniffing, don’t have an apoplexy!


Okay, I got this. Not caring, not caring…

Wait! How’s my hair?

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