My Girl, Linen and Curls

“Lips parting like a flag all unfurled

She’s grand, the bend of her hand

Digging deep into the sweep of the sand…”

The Decemberists’ “Summersong” was in my head today, and it was the inspiration behind this look. It was just what I threw on for today’s errand jaunt, but I love it so much that I felt like doing a bonus post to show you. 🙂 It’s a little breezy and cooler than usual, so I took the opportunity to don my favorite fabric–linen. The long sleeves and pant legs are enough to keep the wind from chilling my limbs, while the fabric itself is lightweight enough to keep me cool if the sun starts beating down. I topped my wild updo with my fedora, slipped my feet into some heeled thong sandals, and gave myself some rosy cheeks and lips with a hint of neutral shimmer around the eyes.


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