Neptune’s Bride


If the god of the seas did exist…

And if he were to ascend to the heights of greatness by having his offer of matrimony accepted by me…

What in the world would I wear?

Oh, just a little something like this.


I would sheath my body in sheer silk, dip-dyed to show the varied colors of the kingdom I would soon rule over, for I must show respect and favor to all my subjects.


I would clasp a long string of turquoise around my wrist, each stone representing a loved one I would have to say farewell to, for once I descend into the depths of the ocean blue, I am forever unable to return to land.


I would pin a gold-plated necklace over my hair as a modest display of my status as future goddess of the seas. Naturally, my darling will furnish me with something grander once our happy nuptial day has arrived.


And I would serenely repose for a time, gazing upon the land I have resided in and come to love…the land I must leave to begin a new life, with a new love, under the sea.


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