Yea, You Wanna

004 In late winter 2012, I had my first encounters with a little punk (and I say that with much affection) by the name of Matt Smith. We were on the same team at work. I called him Ryan Gosling as a joke because I thought he vaguely resembled him. We swapped life stories via company email–such rebels. Soon Matt and I were syncing up on our breaks and I was inwardly pleading I wouldn’t get caught adding three or five minutes here and there to the allotted 15. We did the requisite mutual following on social media, too–Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook. Eventually I realized, to my slight mortification, I had a crush. I asked him out in a totally twee way and he turned me down almost as adorably, but we continued on like nothing had happened until he got fired and then moved, just before the summer came.

Naturally, with such a change, Matt and I didn’t stay in contact nearly as often. But I’ve steadily maintained my admiration of his talent as a graphic designer and BMX biker. His blog, The Yea, is liberally sprinkled with his artworks and videos of him and his friends tearing up their home bases on two wheels. The blog also links to a store where he sells stickers and graphic T’s…and you best believe I snatched one up. What else would a friend do? And at $10 (plus shipping), they’re not hard on the wallet. I highly recommend checking out his page.

When Matt and I last saw each other in March at the premiere of his first full-length BMX vid, Secondhand Honeymoon was still very much in the planning stages. He was the first to learn the name I had come up with, and he gave it his seal of approval. We had talked about doing a collaborative post once I got my blog launched, and as soon as I came up with an idea, I let him know, snapped up a T-shirt, and went to work when it came in the mail yesterday.

For this look, I decided to go for a rough & tough, bad-girl aesthetic. The phrase on the shirt really cries out for that sort of thing… 🙂 I picked out my yellow denim shorts that I found originally as fully-intact jeans at Salvation Army three years ago, and strapped on my vintage high-heeled sandals. I tied a narrow, printed scarf, another SA find, into my unruly curls, and added a gold-plated chain link necklace I bought at Stash, one of my favorite Harrisburg thrifting haunts. I wanted a dark, sullen, “Fuck off” face, so I applied Maybelline’s Color Sensational in Blissful Berry to my lips and topped with a sheer gloss, and darkened my eyes with a brownish-charcoal shadow and some mascara.036038021043024034048032


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