Sometimes, all you need is a stretchy cotton sheath, a pair of strappy sandals, and a healthy serving of attitude to make heads turn.

I got really, really lucky finding this ribbed cotton piece by BCBG on Ebay last year for a pittance. I wanted a lightweight dress with a modest length that would fit me like a second skin, and this popped up in the search results. At first I wasn’t terribly keen on the navy blue; I would’ve preferred white, but then I figured the undergarment situation would be easier to work out with a darker color and sheerer fabric. I did turn out to be quite right on that front, since I did eventually find a similar dress in white, but I still haven’t worn it because I have yet to find suitable underwear for it!

Also, while navy isn’t as obviously summery as white, it is at least more casual than black. Some may disagree with me, but I have always felt black has an inherent sophistication, and almost any item in that hue looks somehow dressier, implying greater effort and care. The color of this dress is more plausible for wear on a sunny day out rather than waiting until the time for an evening prowl…but it’s quite suitable for both. Just switch up the shoes and/or accessories to transition and you’re good to go.

I feel this dress is the type to command attention all on its own, so I let it stand out. Keepin’ it super-simple. Keepin’ it super-sexy.


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