Fresh to Death

052065062I just adore a monochromatic outfit, especially in less-conventional colors. I most commonly spot all-black, all-white, all-navy or shades of brown. So when my eyes were drawn to my mint-green jeans and cowl-neck top that I’d haphazardly thrown onto my vanity table, tangled with other items, I knew I had my next look.

I did cheat a little on this; the jeans and shirt are actually from H&M, but I did get them on an extreme markdown. The total was about $15 for both. I was bored at some mall, wandering around the store, and I saw that lovely, delicate shading of green and was enchanted. The jeans actually started out as more of a robin’s egg blue, but a lot of fading in the wash contributed to this look’s matchy-matchy capabilities. I did find the shoes at Salvation Army; walking in those is quite an experience. Not only are they gorgeous, with that lilac leather and the inset latticed with white, they’re damn comfortable. I was able to walk to and from work in them (3.4 miles total) without any discomfort. I try not to wear them as often as other shoes, since the heels are narrower and would wear down more easily.

I’ll say, I felt very close to the title of this post when I was done shooting the look. I looked quite fresh and sophisticated in my monochrome mint, but my legs started sweating after only a few minutes and then I felt gross and trapped. I don’t recommend wearing such fitted pants when it’s hot as blazes outside. Save this for when the sun goes down–you’ll stand out among all the others in their little black bodycon dresses.


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