Just Add Water: White-Out!

047Did anyone else see Rihanna at the CFDAs and say “YAAAAAAS, GURL!”? Well, never mind if you didn’t. I definitely did. While my tits aren’t covered in Swarovski crystals for this look (unfortunately!), I was inspired by her sheer daring (pun intended) for this post.

I did do a look including a bathing suit as one of my earliest posts for Secondhand Honeymoon, and I recently remembered I have a second suit that could be put to good use for the blog. So I decided to do a “sequel”, and the title reflects this.

The dress was a Salvation Army find from spring 2012; until now I hadn’t dared to wear anything but slips underneath it. That changed while wondering what to do with my teeny white bikini. I love anything white for summer since it plays so well off my coloring, so it became obvious to me that these things had to come together.


I found the bikini at a Goodwill several years ago; from the tags it was originally a Victoria’s Secret purchase. I snatched it as soon as I saw it might fit. I didn’t bother to try it on; I’m often really confident about something fitting me right. I also didn’t try it on because with thrift stores, you do have to be conscious of the fact that most items were previously worn…I put that suit through two hot laundry cycles with bleach before allowing it on my body. Never can be too careful.


To finish, I wrapped a bright printed scarf, another find from SA, around my head, and included yet another pair of earrings from Etsy’s Clip or Die. Aren’t the hearts so freaking cute?! I wanted to up the drama a bit on my face too, so I maxed out on mascara and put a hot coral shade on my lips.


This is a great beach/boardwalk look, easy to slip on and off depending on where you’re at. I really like the idea of swimsuits multitasking as part of an entire outfit; it looks chic and is very low-maintenance, two things that sometimes have trouble going together.

Maybe at some point this summer I’ll actually get to go to a beach…sigh. Until then, it’s the rooftop lounge chairs for me!


7 thoughts on “Just Add Water: White-Out!

  1. You look fab!! I love all of it! I especially love the pop of color with the headscarf. And good call on the 2 washes- I’m the same way! I’m sure everything is always fine, but I wash multiple times just to be sure 🙂

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