The Finer Things

For a few hours when I was coordinating this week’s posts, I was in a mood for some serious dressing up. I decided to create a look that wouldn’t be out of place at a formal event. It’s been so many years since I’ve attended one (well, scratch that–I was a bridesmaid two years ago). Ah, those college formals…like high-school prom, but without a court. At least, I don’t remember there being one. Last formal I went to, I…ah, never mind. That’s not a story for this blog! At the very least, I’ll tell you the dress I wore was definitely more casual.

Anyway, for the look, I pulled out this incredible dress I found at Salvation Army earlier this year. It’s diagonally striped in black and dark gold, but when the light hits it a certain way, the stripes seem to disappear and it looks entirely like solid black gold that shimmers like the air on a really hot, humid day. The length, which ends just a touch above my ankles, is ideal for pairing it with some flashy shoes (I picked my gold stilettos with the sequined toe-strap, another SA find), and the striping lends itself to creating an overall streamlined, statuesque effect, very pleasing to the eye. I added a black velvet clutch, a little thing I purchased for a few bucks from Atomic Warehouse, a vintage and antique shop in Harrisburg.


Yes, I did wear purple lipstick with this. I mixed Maybelline’s Color Sensational in Brazen Berry and Blissful Berry and elegantly smoothed it on. I was feeling royal. Purple…gold…you know. It works.


I also had some good fortune when scouting my location in this outfit–I saw a shiny Cadillac XLR with the roof off parked in the lot, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and snapped a few pics with it.


An aside about the dress; it was a pain in my butt–or rather, arms and shoulders–to get on. The neck and arm holes aren’t roomy enough together for me to be able to do anything but put my hands up toward the ceiling and basically have the thing shimmy on down my body. But it looks so damn good. Anything to impress people you hate while eating dainty sandwiches with the crusts cut off and downing champagne in an effort to get wasted and make the night a sight more entertaining, right? Right.


I think I’ve perfected my expression of cool disdain. Now, I must maintain it after who-knows-how-many glasses of Moet & Chandon. At least I made sure to put my hair up in case my head gets personal with a toilet bowl. Preparation is key.

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