Not-So-Blank Slate


Simple stretchy tank-top and/or T-shirt dresses are a warm-weather staple for me. I do love sundresses, but with my frame I have to be careful to not fall into a trap of buying something that looks cute on the hanger but doesn’t flatter me (usually more billowy/empire-waist type things). I prefer more fitted clothing; it easily makes the curves I do have more visible when I’m dressed.

I found this gray tank dress at H&M last summer for $10. It’s usually just something I throw on to run to the corner store because I don’t feel like putting any real thought into an outfit. But it’s easily enhanced for a different activity–like a fun night out with the girls, or a date–with some accessories. For this look, I chose a waist-cinching belt, a couple of layered necklaces, and my low wedge sandals, all found at my beloved Salvation Army over multiple trips. I’d bought a new lipstick earlier the same day I shot this too, Revlon Super Lustrous in Terra Copper–I tried it out in these pictures. Perfect shade to accentuate the new red-brown tones in my hair.

This is a decidedly casual look compared to what else I’ve had going for this week’s posts. After my princess-for-a-day fantasy and fancy dress screaming for a champagne flute as additional accessory, I was feeling silly by the time I shot this outfit, likely out of tiredness, so I had some fun with the pictures. 🙂 Yes, I’m dancing in some of them. Try to guess what song was in my head!



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