“Now I Know We’re Not In Kansas!”

Hey Honeymooners! I’m launching Classic Movie Theme Week with The Wizard of Oz!

With this post, I’m going into some detail as to how I come up with titles/themes. The idea for the overall theme was developed entirely by accident. I had been feeling that a more casual look was in order for at least one post this week and I favored this oversize, gorgeously screen-printed T-shirt I found at Goodwill two years ago and hardly wore. At first I thought to pair it with shorts, but then I spotted the neon yellow skirt I’d bought at Salvation Army and thought, “Perfect.”


But I still wasn’t at a title. Then I looked at the shirt itself…”Lost In A Dream”, it says. What if I was lost in a dream, wandering around? Sleepwalking…what’s another word for sleepwalking, the one that sounds more scientific and cool…? Somnambulism! “Somnambulist.” That’s it! That’s my title. Nah, wait a minute. What’s that classic line that’s heard so many times when people come out of really vivid dreams in movies/TV? “And you were there…and YOU…” Hah! Yes! THAT’S it! It wasn’t until I had finished taking the pictures for this look that I considered The Wizard of Oz, perhaps the most well-known movie about a vivid dream. I looked up quotes from the movie, and the one I chose for the title is what stood out. This is the path I took with the other outfits I coordinated for this theme, modeled on The Shining and Taxi Driver; you’ll see those later this week. 🙂


“Follow, follow, follow, follow

Follow the yellow brick road!”

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