“Redrum. REDRUM!”

Welcome to the second Classic Movie Theme Week post, Honeymooners! Continue reading, if you dare…


Ladies, we all have at least one Little Black Dress in our closet. But how many of us can claim to have a Little Red Dress? Red is such a primal, vital color. It can be intimidating…sexy…scary. I sure wasn’t scared to venture to this little area at the rear of the temple to shoot this look, even though it was dusk and I’d heard rumors of some frightening goings-on at sundown. I went out in this teeny linen-blend scarlet dress that I bought at Salvation Army in my college days, and amped it up with swipes of cherry lipstick and thrifted plastic clip-on earrings, which you’ve seen before in a couple of other posts.

So here I was, getting my pose on…


I’d slipped into my element and was feeling comfortable, then was jolted back into alertness by a sudden, strong breeze. My arm hairs were standing up and I felt goose pimples sprouting; it felt at least ten degrees cooler in a matter of seconds. The rumors started buzzing through my head…I shook them out. Utterly ridiculous.

“Nothing is happening.” I said it out loud, to reassure myself. And then I felt a whisper, a whistle, of something going past my face in an instant. A rushed word into my ear; I didn’t understand it. It was something to make me unsure, wonder if I was going mad. I whirled around.

Nothing. There was nothing there.

And yet…

I heard a remote squeak, and then a great bellowing bang–the slamming of a door. I frantically turned, eyes darting, trying to catch a glimpse of what had caused it. It couldn’t be all in my head. I couldn’t take the uncertainty anymore; I had to be sure. I was frightened, but curious too, and I climbed the steps to the door. I had recalled trying the handle times before and finding it locked…this time was different. I felt the handle start to give way. My heart was pounding and my mouth was cotton, but I did my best to at least look calm and cool. I figured if I happened upon something innocuous, it wouldn’t do to seem frazzled if I encountered other people.


OHMYGOD. OHMYGOD! What was that?! What did I just see?!



OH MY GOD, quit being stupid and looking back! Get the hell out! And DON’T FALL!


That is the last time I wear high heels to a haunted location. Seriously.

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