I Remember When…

Hi, Honeymooners! Still a little while yet before I can get my hands on a new camera, but I had an idea to give you a little throwback post to tide you over.  🙂

In late February, when Secondhand Honeymoon was still “in talks”, there was a bit of a surprise in the form of a warm-weather weekend. Warm in that time meant around 60 degrees, but regardless, I remember feeling so elated seeing the gorgeous sunshine and blue skies, being able to walk around with my coat unbuttoned and legs bared to an early spring breeze. I was in Baltimore at the time and I’d brought a few outfits to shoot. The look featured here was my favorite.

The dress, a lucky Salvation Army find, is molded in that classic ’70s ‘secretary’ style with its semi-sheer fabric, slightly puffed sleeves and knife pleats. The beautiful turquoise print makes me think of hanging flowers and vines, a secret garden where new lovers go when springtime is blooming…

I paired it with turquoise leather flats, vintage Enzo Angiolini, adding to the ’70s vibe with the hue and the square toe. I finished off the look with my gold fish-scale sequin belt, previously seen here, and a pair of my favorite earrings from Etsy’s Clip or Die, previously featured here.


I remember every time snow fell this past winter and feeling like summer would never come. I remember feeling happy when seeing the piles of slush start disappearing, seeing sprigs of muted green grass poking up through cold mud…and then having the disappointment resurface when seeing the week’s weather forecast of frigid temperatures and ice caking the sidewalks once again. But when I donned that springtime garden dress that day in February and went outside in the bright, clear air, seeing the sidewalks dry, reveling in mild warmth, I felt hopeful. I knew that even though what I was seeing would be as it never happened the following week, it would come back again, even stronger. And it did, with me hardly acknowledging it. Isn’t that how it always seems to be, Honeymooners? We wish for something, and when it comes, the realization of its arrival almost passes us right by. 029


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