Rebel With a Fashionable Cause


I have the most amazing news! This morning at approximately 8:30 I received a series of brusque knocks on my apartment door from the UPS guy (I don’t know if he was really ‘the’ UPS guy, but to me he was!) carrying the large box that contained my CANON REBEL T3!! I answered the door in my robe, with my hair seriously mussed. He smiled wryly and said, “Good morning, sunshine!” while handing me the e-signature tablet.

I felt like a kid on Christmas, vigorously dancing while holding the box, and then ripping the tape apart and finally peeling back the bubble wrapping from the gorgeous body of the camera. When the battery was fully charged a few hours later and I turned it on, fully assembled, my heart was full to bursting with elation. It was a very important moment.

Over the last several weeks, in spite of having other things to be deliriously happy about, I felt rather despondent over not having a working camera. Until cradling my new DSLR in my hands and resisting the urge to coo at it like one would a newborn babe, I hadn’t realized just how much I missed having a shutter button to press down on. The sweet pressure that came with shopping my closet for the next look. The sheer pride and elation that came with publishing the latest post, the confidence that comes with my content being so appreciated by such lovely followers/viewers as you all.

Now, I have all of that back, and more…so as is most appropriate, I am jumping straight back into ‘work’ (oh, what joy there is to this work!) tomorrow and publishing my first post-new-camera look come Monday!

Until then, loves, check out these few new snaps with my Rebel! 🙂IMG_4666


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