“And When He Get On…”


Love him or hate him, Kanye West is pretty legendary. I appreciate much of his music, and “Touch the Sky” is one of my favorite songs. The video is great too…this look is actually inspired by a scene in it.

For those unfamiliar with the video for “Touch the Sky” (and it’s probably many; it did come out in 2006), Kanye is starring as a daredevil doing a super-risky stunt. Pamela Anderson is in it as his distressed bombshell girlfriend, and Nia Long and Tracee Ellis Ross have epic cameos as pissed-off women who give Kanye hell for being with a white girl.

I’ve been told I somewhat resemble Tracee Ellis Ross, which is cool because she’s a great actress and strikingly attractive. And I got the idea to recreate her look for the video when I found this gorgeous vintage ivory lace bathing suit on Etsy. It’s got working buttons in the front that end right above my navel, and it’s completely backless. Tracee’s got on a crocheted monokini in the video, but I figured what I got was close enough. And in my most recent Salvation Army haul (which was huge!) I brought home a pair of Gap ‘curvy flare’ jeans, perfect to pair with the suit and my platform sandals. I piled on some bangles and chains, and brought out my mock tortoiseshell sunglasses. And of course, I brought some major league ‘tude.

180 235272183259250

Check out the video, Honeymooners (the scene starts at 2:56). Did I pull it off, you think? Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! 🙂


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