That’s a Stupid Question

Honeymooners, I’ve had a fair share of those days when work just takes everything out of me, and then I in turn really want to take a lot out of my wallet…July 9th was another one of those days. But it was the first one in awhile where I did actually do some shopping! I had a particularly bad time of it, so I was primed to go on a rampage through Salvation Army. It was the ideal time too, since every Wednesday is 50% off clothes and shoes. Nice way to get over the hump!

I was rifling through the rack of short-sleeved dresses and I had to do a double-take when I spotted this drop-dead neon yellow shift. I was positively giddy when putting it into the cart on top of the burgeoning pile of items I’d already snatched up, and even more so when I tried it on. I must say I was really surprised when I found it was made by Old Navy; I’d stopped shopping there in high school. But apparently they can still churn out some stuff that appeals to me, despite my finicky tastes.


The first time I wore it was the next day at work; I kept it simple and I paired it with coral slingback flats and matched my lipstick to the shoes–a Captain Obvious kind of combination, in my opinion. This time, I wanted something more whimsical. I’ve always liked shades of yellow and purple together, so I donned my vintage lilac cut-out pumps (previously seen here). I finished off the look with a chunky turquoise necklace. It sounds like a strange combination with neon yellow, but it works quite beautifully, I think.


Yellow, according to some (or many, or few–and who are they anyway?), isn’t an easy color to look good in, but I suppose I missed that memo. I recall being asked by a sometime lover if I could pull it off and I said, “Well, duh. Of course.”

A few seconds later, I cracked, “That’s a stupid question to ask me, you know. I look good in everything.” 😉

What do you think of yellow, Honeymooners? Is it one of those colors only a select few can rock, or can it really look good on everyone? Do you have it in your wardrobe? As always, thanks for stopping by!

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