Honeymooners, last weekend when I was at Stash, one of my favorite local shopping haunts, something strange and bewildering occurred.

I fell prey to a trend.

I was thumbing through the skirt rack and my gaze fell on a midi-length, high-waist denim piece. One thing threw me off at first look: the acid wash. I had never been a fan of acid wash, the mention of it long having conjured images of splotchy, ill-fitting jeans, with enthusiastic, too-strategic rips throughout. But I was intrigued by the other features of the skirt, so I took it back to the fitting room.

I felt stumpy with the relatively flat sandals I was wearing at the time, but otherwise I quite liked it. Even the…*shiver*…acid wash was starting to grow on me. You know, like fungus…not that fungus grows on me anywhere. Okay, TMI. Sorry about that, Honeymooners.

While still in the store and getting rung up, I was getting ideas as to how to style it. I immediately resolved to pair it with my highest pair of heels to give me an overall more elongated look, what with the tricky length of the skirt. When I got home and was looking through my separates, I decided to style it very simply, the quintessential jeans-and-T-shirt look, with a bit of a glam twist. I tucked in a bright white v-neck tee from a long-ago Salvation Army haul, and tied the look together with my gold fish-scale sequin belt, also from Stash. The belt was a pain to get through the loops with the sequins often getting caught on the denim, but it was great frustration in exchange for great reward. And with how I felt in this outfit, there was also a great reward in stepping a bit outside of my comfort zone and trying something I had never imagined myself liking.



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