The Blacker The Berry


Honeymooners, yesterday I had a case of the Marvelous Mondays. Such a rare ‘disorder’, it seems, but I was fortunate enough to have it strike me. And it started with my outfit!

After dealing with the sequel to the Great Toilet Flood of Spring 2014, which did somewhat detract from the overall grandness of the day, I threw on my gorgeous raspberry-hued pants found at Salvation Army. I’d become wildly infatuated with the cropped, high-waist look and was ecstatic upon finding that pair crammed on the rack along with countless others. I wanted the pants to really ‘pop’, so I decided to bookend them with black. For a more elegant, professional look I prefer mixing bright colors with black instead of white. White with brights, while lovely, reminds me a bit too much of a summer party and I wanted a greater sense of seriousness. I layered two semi-sheer tops–a camisole, also found at SA, and a buttoned blouse with front pockets, a birthday gift from my mama. To streamline and add height, I wore my trusty stiletto heels. For a final touch, I dressed up my face with some lip color. I mixed Maybelline’s Color Sensational in Blissful Berry, and Bobbi Brown’s lipstick in Roseberry to get the perfect shade to match my trousers.

This is one of the very few sort of “What I Wore Today (or rather, yesterday)” posts; usually I coordinate looks just to photograph them. But I really liked this outfit, so I went outside after work to snap some pictures. What do you think, Honeymooners? Thanks for stopping by!

007 005 012013 016 017

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