Stop Trippin’. THIS Is How You Fall.

Hello again, Honeymooners! It’s been a long time, I know, and I’m sorry for it. But I’m back now! And with this post I am warmly welcoming my favorite fashion season: FALL. πŸ˜€ Deep, rich colors. Sweaters. Scarves. Leather and suede. Boots. Hair game always being on point because it’s no longer ridiculously humid. Chill breezes raising a gorgeous natural flush to the cheeks.

Everyone looks better than usual in this season, and to showcase that, I got some friends in on the fun I so far have been enjoying solo. I told them to dress in cute fall looks (never mind it was around 80 degrees that day–such troopers!) and we proceeded to make magic in front of my and my assistant photographer’s cameras, with our city’s Capitol complex as the backdrop. Below, get to know me and some of my favorite people:

Jasmine (Model/ Pitbull Whisperer & Sass Queen)

Describe your personal style: “Jeans or leggings, moccasins or boots, and a cute, V-cut sweater.”

Your favorite thing about fall: “I’m not a huge fan of fall, simply because that means cold and then winter…ugh…but I do like the scenery fall offers. The colors changing and the crunchy leaves are my favorite.

IMG_0506 _MG_4072_MG_4080IMG_0631


Bri (Model/ Artist & Dapper Dame with Strong Brow Game)

Describe your personal style: “Bacon, booze and bowties. Bacon and booze not featured. Slim-cut shirts and pixie pants for a more stream-lined look. Class it up with a pop of color.”

Your favorite thing about fall: “Sweater weather and pumpkin EVERYTHING.”

IMG_0729 IMG_0735IMG_0743IMG_0760


Jared (Model/ Sensitive Soul & Season Ticket Holder to the Gun Show)

Describe your personal style: “My personal style is old fashioned, with some bold risks taken on occasion.”

Your favorite thing about fall: “I love the changing of the leaves in the fall. The colors are dark and royal. They dictate what you should wear during this season. You can’t go wrong wearing a rouge red, navy blue or royal purple during the fall season.”

IMG_0588IMG_0562 IMG_0583IMG_0634 IMG_0748


Elyssia (Assistant Photographer/ Resident Gymnast & Empress of the Ukelele)

Describe your personal style: “I don’t really have a style?”

Your favorite thing about fall: “I like the colors of fall. All of the oranges and reds make me happy.”

IMG_0819 IMG_0820 IMG_0818


Christian (Model/ The Professional & Consummate Gentleman)

Describe your personal style: “A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde see-saw between my dapper side of button ups, blazers, ties with clean cut jeans or slacks, boots or dress shoes with a minimalist vibe; and my hipster side of pattern clashing, experimenting with unique layering, positioning and alterations of clothing items–showered in wide range color expression and floods of accessories.”

Your favorite thing about fall: “The color changes during the day, and the crisp clean look of the starry sky at night, for starters. The ‘smell’ of fall which incorporates dead leaves and trees and burning wood. But most of all…the way this season in particular always seems to throw me into a romantic frenzy and keeps my heart at the edge of my chest.”

_MG_4125 IMG_0531 _MG_4126IMG_0714 IMG_0654


Angela (Creator, Secondhand Honeymoon/ Cookie Monster & Lifelong Pedestrian)

Describe your personal style: “Eclectic. I love unexpected color and pattern combinations, coordinating subtle details, and experimenting with various silhouettes. The consistent element is its strong feminine energy, combined with an air of carelessness.”

Your favorite thing about fall: “BOOTS! And it’s a great time to be in love. But mostly boots.”

IMG_0609 IMG_0595 IMG_0679 IMG_0763 IMG_0700

I feel that fall, more than any other season, is the one that allows for the greatest self-expression in fashion. Every one of us has layers to our personality, like our sweaters…our scarves…our hats and jackets that we pile on top of each other to create walking art, armor against the crisp new chill in the air. We come home, peel these things off, and expose our most inner selves in the intimate world we’ve created. We snuggle up under blankets, alone or with a loved one, with our pumpkin-spiced something, and indulge in the joy that results from recognizing the beauty in our lives.

I hope you’re enjoying the transition as much as I am, Honeymooners. I can’t wait to see what this season brings! Keep your eyes peeled for more from me here on Secondhand Honeymoon, and Happy Fall-ing! πŸ™‚


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