Pass The Courvoisier

Honeymooners, despite my love of wild color combinations, I’ve always been picky about being really match-y when wearing black. If I’m wearing an all-black outfit I’ve got to have black shoes, a black belt (if applicable) and a black purse too, nothing else will do…

One of my go-to outfits when it’s a little chilly and I’m feeling really lazy involves a black waxed-knit sweater tunic, a lucky Salvation Army find, just long enough to wear with leggings and not be considered inappropriate. I have the proper accessories to complete a monochromatic look with this…

But one day I was in a rush to leave for work, and the only black pair of boots I had wasn’t suitable for a half walk/half run over 1.7 miles to beat the clock–the heels were just a touch too precarious. I froze for a minute, cursing my indecision which was contributing in that very moment to my seemingly inevitable lateness. I grabbed my vintage lace-up boots, discovered in a Buffalo Exchange outpost in Philly, with the slightly more stable block heels, in that gorgeous cognac shade that I loved wearing with everything but black. I also buckled my narrow belt in a matching shade around my waist, since the oversize tunic looks like a sack on me otherwise. As a finishing touch, I draped my long black silk scarf (epic SA discovery, only $5–I saw it at just the right time, a day or so after I decided I needed one) around my neck and shoulders.

I couldn’t resist a quick once-over in the hall closet mirror before dashing out the door, and I quite liked what I saw. The natural richness of the leather was augmented by the stark black of my tunic, leggings and scarf, and the overall look was transformed into something a bit more interesting. I’m a fan now, I must say.

Oh, and I was on time to work that day–by the skin of my teeth. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Pass The Courvoisier

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