1×3: All Wrapped Up: Swooning On Sight

Hey Honeymooners! It’s fall, also (recently? Not sure about the birth of all the latest slang) known as cuffing season! And I have returned with a new installment of ‘1×3’ (one item, three ways) to pay homage to my favorite scarf, the thing that keeps me warm and gives me a sense of sweet security when a nice pair of arms isn’t available…

I found this gorgeous piece of cotton at Stash, which you know as one of my favorite haunts in Harrisburg if you’ve followed me here on Secondhand Honeymoon long enough. You know how they say the best things come to you when you aren’t looking for them? That is exactly what happened to me when I was roaming the store just over a year ago. I can only remember that I wasn’t looking for any scarves, but then the delicate shade of lilac with its fine turquoise and gray print caught my eye from where it had been chilling with some friends, none of which were even half so fine, in my humble opinion. I gingerly took it off the hanger and stared, a little mesmerized, as one of the super-cool chicks behind the register rang me up. I felt giddy at the thought of all I would wear it with, like when one thinks of all the fun things they’d do with their latest crush.

Speaking of crushes…aren’t they so much fun when they’re not totally nerve-wracking and, well, living up to their name? It’s so wonderful to feel that fluttering in your stomach when that one person you like more than anyone else for whatever reasons just passes by you, maybe even gives you a smile and a hello, leaving you to think that never have you seen a sweeter smile, nor heard a more pleasing voice, in all your tender years of existence. You think you see a sparkle in their eyes that is meant for you alone, and you go home in a swoon, determined to capture their heart using all the charms in your arsenal…once you pluck up enough courage. Argh!

This is what drives me into my closet–I always know that if everything else fails, at least I can dress to impress a crush. I don my smart tennis skirt (previously seen here), and tightly tuck a bright, contrasting sweater (previously seen here, and found at a consignment shop in Philly; appropriately, when I was with a former flame) into it to keep away the early fall chill. I don’t want to completely disguise my impressive pins, so I just pull up some narrow cable-knit boot socks and tuck my feet into a pair of vintage black smoking flats. Topping it all with the scarf, I feel confident enough to brace against the elated anxiety that engulfs me when I spot the object of my affection. Perhaps, with me looking all bright, I’ll be brave enough to say hello?

And oh gosh, Honeymooners–something major happened! I almost can’t believe it myself, but there it is, in my hands, in front of my eyes. Ah, the wonders to be found in a small, folded piece of paper. I laugh for sheer joy, and surprise. I didn’t know they were thinking like this…but then again, why shouldn’t they? 😉

See you soon with the next installment, Honeymooners! *scampers off to read the note and sigh contentedly a bunch more*




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