1×3: All Wrapped Up: If You’re Not Doing Anything…

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Oh hey, Honeymooners! Gosh, I’ve been so obsessed by this maddening crush. Yes, I got a cute note (or two…) and that’s all wonderful; yes, I’ve had a smattering of sightings that have led to some teasing flirtation and a few stolen moments. But nothing else has really happened! You would think they’d just buck up and ask me out on a real date already. Maybe they’re intimidated. Maybe I should ask–is that desperate? Maybe. Best not. Or maybe I should go after what I want–isn’t that proactive? Arrrrgh, I don’t know!

I don’t even have the presence of mind to dress myself as though I am not considering any of it at all; I look so ‘busy’, styled to perfection in a mix of patterns and prints. The brilliant vintage wool houndstooth wrap skirt that I found at Wilbur: Vintage & Designer Clothing in Philly, is really working with the thrifted striped sweater (Salvation Army find) and my trusty, beloved scarf. I added another pop of color with navy tights, matching the sweater’s stripes, and eschewed modest flats for my vintage lace-up boots (previously seen here).

I’m so distracted with thoughts on how to proceed that I don’t pay any attention to when they come in. I don’t even see them, and it’s not on purpose, like when you’re trying to be coy to see if they’ll come to you because everyone wants to be wanted; you know that feel, I’m sure. Isn’t it sad sometimes, how being so in your own head can take you away from all that’s happening in front of you?

Well, I actually have no more time now to reflect on that, Honeymooners–I’ve got a date tomorrow night! I decided to be brave and ask if they wanted to go for a drink, carpe the diem and all that. Not only did they say yes, apparently I look quite cute when I’m ‘focused’. Gee, if only they knew what I was so focused on…but that’s a story for later… 🙂

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