1×3: All Wrapped Up: Plum Crazy For You

IMG_3382Oh, Honeymooners. It’s really happening. I can feel it in the air. It’s become noticeably sweeter…friendlier. Like the perfect fall day, crisp as a pie crust, and yet soft too–gently blowing my hair back and caressing my cheeks, bringing a blush to them just as a certain someone does…

Yeah, I’m really gone! I can hardly think without their image, or something they’ve said, cropping up into my head and staying there, stubbornly not budging–but then why would I want them to? “Because you’ve got other things to do…” Right. Those…other things. Important things, but not as important as bringing a smile to their face that reaches their eyes and makes them sparkle even more than usual. Not as important as taking their hand and feeling it grow warm in your own, with a squeeze around your fingers communicating everything they aren’t able to say in that moment. Not as important as the way your heart races when your phone lights up with their name, or you see another little folded piece of paper hidden somewhere…

To honor the purple haze of infatuation I find myself in, I went (mostly) monochromatic when coordinating this last look. The sweater-knit maxi skirt was a Salvation Army discovery; I knew I wanted it from the first time I saw it, but I couldn’t think of anything I owned that would coordinate. I said, “Oh, to hell with it” and put it in my cart anyway. A similar thing happened with the beribboned felt hat, which I plucked from the close, chaotic confines of Atomic Warehouse…I saw it and wondered if it would fit my head. (I have a long history of most hats, especially super-fashionable hats like the topper in this look, not fitting my head because it’s huge. Just stating fact…it’s been a problem because I love hats.) But I tried it on and was utterly delighted to find that it made itself right at home on my head, much like how my head finds a home on their chest when I’m tired and in want of a snuggle…

I finished off the look with a faux-wrap front sweater (another SA find) in a soft, blushing shade of lilac to break up the dark colors found in the hat and skirt. Because it’s been a little nippy, I did have to top it with my denim jacket and, of course, my favorite scarf. I imagine the cold will become unnoticeable easily enough when I’m once again reunited with my paramour, though even the thought of them gives me the sensation of sitting before a roaring fire, feeling my limbs slowly lose their chill and become suffused with warmth.

Ah, my lovely Honeymooners, if I could have one wish, it would be for everyone to feel just like this.


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