Get Gone!

IMG_3950 Honeymooners! I have missed you. Things have been a little hectic lately and I am trying to shift some priorities around in the wake of daylight savings time which has severely limited my blogging time–specifically when it comes to taking photos. But while my posts will be fewer over the winter months, please do not fret, for they will be otherwise unchanged. 🙂

Now that we’ve got that out of the way…do you all remember that Godot character who stood me up over the summer? I was looking so cute in my button-up dress, that lucky find from Stash, and then I fell asleep on that bench without him ever having shown up! What a rat.

Honeymooners, I’m sure that while you haven’t had those exact circumstances (and I hope not; that bench gave me a nasty crick in my neck that I wouldn’t wish on anyone), most of you have dealt with someone standing you up. It’s really insulting, isn’t it? Makes the blood boil, and if you’re really invested, the tears start brimming at your eyelids. Then months later, they come back around with endless apologies to see if they can get away with doing it again! I don’t get it. I’m sure you don’t either. But the thing is–we don’t have to! We can just look bloody fantastic while saying “Uh-uh, nope!” the next time they come around trying to ensnare us in their web.

And that was the original intention behind this look. I felt like putting in a bit more effort than usual on the weekend, despite the dreariness of the weather, and pulled my khaki button-up dress out among the plethora of hangers in my dressing room. It wasn’t a day to go bold with color, so I stuck with neutrals all over–starting with a camel-colored, fine wool-blend sweater with a cowl neck that artfully draped between the straps of the dress, a years-old find from Salvation Army. I find myself wishing I had more sweaters from that same brand (unknown) because it has undergone hardly any pilling, the most common and infuriating form of wear and tear when it comes to sweaters. I added my gorgeous vintage fur collar, a find from Atomic Warehouse, a bastion for all sorts of odds and ends at negotiable prices. I remember I found this particular piece for $10…The chill in the air called for all-over coverage, so I pulled my black leggings on over my stems, and finished off the look with my favorite cognac leather lace-up boots, previously featured here. You’ll notice I quite nicely got over my prior opposition to pairing black and brown.

I headed out to the farmers’ market for my usual grocery haul, and while I wondered if I would spot that disrespectful little…*ahem*…I realized that while I ultimately wouldn’t mind showing him up and telling him with my eyes to get lost and stay there, it really didn’t matter. I was out, looking good, feeling happy, all for myself. And that was more than enough.

IMG_3894 IMG_3904 IMG_4000 IMG_4084



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