Mellow Yellow

I took a long walk this past Sunday, Honeymooners, and I had some gorgeous company–the uncharacteristically mild weather, the lady, and last but not least, one of my favorite coats…

I found the butter-yellow beauty just as fall was transitioning into a particularly blustery winter in 2010. I was at a very different stage of life then, working as a live-in caretaker for a stroke victim and starting to get impatient with my circumstances. I’d finagled a trip to the local Salvation Army one afternoon and I spotted the soft hue among sober blacks and beiges on the rack of coats. I rushed over, hoping no one else would see and try to snatch it before I did, and pulled it off the hanger. Elation soon turned to disappointment, as when I tried it on it was just a touch too large.

But then–there was hope. I noticed the sash at the back, fastened by a large button at each end. I thought, “If I could just shorten that, and sew it back on…” With a smidgen of faith in my long-neglected sewing skills, I took the coat up to the register with my other items, and got to work as soon as I returned home. After about an hour of what I like to say was painstaking effort (because I stabbed myself with the needle a few times) even though it was just removing and re-fastening buttons…there was redemption! I now had a perfectly fitted winter topper to remind me of the brightness and warmth of the season I missed so much.

It’s served me quite well these past four years, showing virtually no signs of wear, and I can’t help but smile every time I put it on. The day I shot this look was no exception, though the smiling was due more to who was with me at the time, than the coat.

Anyway, given that it was sunny and (slightly) above 45 degrees, I went without socks and slipped on my golden yellow vintage square-toe flats, previously featured in my very first post here on Secondhand Honeymoon. I rolled up my jeans to show off my shapely ankles outdoors for what will likely be the last time this year, and donned my chartreuse wool V-neck sweater that’s also held up well since its purchase from a Buffalo Exchange in January 2013, and was used in my fall feature post.

I’m a big fan of this look and will likely revisit it for other occasions, with slight modifications (like…shoes and socks that cover my feet and ankles…). And on our little adventure, I/we found some nicely coordinating surroundings!

A house…



A scattering of leaves…

IMG_8233 IMG_8249 IMG_8248 IMG_8252


And a fence.

IMG_8255 IMG_8254


Chilling out for a bit, like an ice-cold glass of…uh…what’s that soda called, again?



I’ll see you again soon, Honeymooners. I hope you all have a lovely holiday–safe travels!!–and I’ll be back next week with a post about my Thanksgiving weekend adventures in Pittsburgh! 🙂

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