Staying Power

Hey, Honeymooners! I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. I went to Pittsburgh to stay with my younger brother and his roommates. The bus I was scheduled to catch on Wednesday was three hours late; they had to replace it due to a broken windshield wiper on the original. We had a snowstorm that closed my workplace early, but not early enough so I didn’t have to use any paid leave time, so I wasn’t spared any frustration that day.

I didn’t let it bother me once I was safely ensconced in my brother’s apartment with his roommates and two other guests that were staying that weekend. There was a comfortable familiarity with everything and everyone the whole time I was there, and I met Lucy, their beautiful and temperamental black cat who rocks bowties and sweaters (but not as well as someone else I know…)

IMG_8314 IMG_8309

Thanksgiving involved significantly more booze than I was used to on that particular holiday…

“1, 2, 3, Alcoholics!”:


There were brain-puzzling games that conjured a great amount of laughter (my team won that round of Mad Gab, BTW)…

IMG_8334 IMG_8345 IMG_8335IMG_8351

My brother and me:


My brother and both his roommates are bomb cooks, so as a guest, I was rather spoiled. Friday’s main attraction was a Thanksgiving empanada, with turkey, stuffing, and sweet potatoes enveloped in a flaky crust and topped with gravy.


The dress code was effortlessly cozy; I brought a few scarves, some sweaters, and wore the same pair of jeans the whole time. My brother’s one roommate bought me a flannel as a ‘houseguest’ gift, for when I’m “feeling butch-y” (his words) which made me nearly fall on the floor laughing. I don’t think I could look remotely butch in flannel even if I tried, though…


Saturday night, my brother was especially sweet and took me out for sushi. I ordered a deluxe sashimi platter. It was so beautiful…and delicious.

IMG_8568 IMG_8572

Then we got drunk with his girlfriend. As a bartender, she sure knows how to get you basically wasted within your first couple rounds…

IMG_8592 IMG_8587

My brother and his girlfriend. They recently marked a full year together. 🙂


Sunday, we crowned my departure with a trip to Waffles Incaffeinated, one of the greatest places I’ve had the pleasure of eating at in recent memory. The sweet potato fries and jerk-spiced marshmallow dipping sauce are EVERYTHING. Especially when you’re not quite awake and possibly still a bit drunk from the night before…


It was a great trip that will long be banked in the pleasant recesses of my mind. I’ll have to go again soon…and perhaps one of those times, I just won’t return to where I came from.

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