Old News

IMG_8292A little chilly right off the presses, Honeymooners–remember the newsprint craze? I do. Perhaps it was some sort of attempt to be seen as literary as well as on-trend. I recall having a number of shirts cluttered with imaginary headlines on imaginary famous papers. I thought I was so cool.

Imagine my utter delight when that long-forgotten memory had cropped up in my head when I first spotted this tank top drowning in fashion and beauty advertisements, all in that eye-catching black and white. It was mid-summer and I had been browsing the racks of–you guessed it–Salvation Army, no dramatic plot twists here, readers. I’m like Old Faithful, steady and predictable, at least when it comes to my clothes shopping.

With the nostalgic nod to my adolescent fashion sense acquired, weeks passed; they turned into months, and the shirt stayed balled up in my drawer with countless others, until the day I shot this look. I was rooting around, searching for something that I hadn’t worn for the blog (or ever) and found it. In a mad bustle that usually accompanies a stroke of genius, I pulled down my heather gray cardigan, another SA find, my vintage fur collar, my well-worn Gap skinny jeans, and the best boots ever (that you’ve seen many times here already). Soon enough, I was in the hallway mirror, tripod in hand, nodding tacit approval…and then donned my non-prescription hipster frames, the crowning touch. You’d think I was an intrepid reporter on a fierce hunt for a hot scoop, instead of loafing around giving super-glam side-eye…

IMG_8259 IMG_8269


And you’d be wrong. But if anyone asks, I’m totally on the hunt for a hot scoop, not just loafing around throwing super-glam side-eye. 😉


IMG_8275 IMG_8277IMG_8283 IMG_8288IMG_8291


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