A Girl And Her Calvins

IMG_9705Hey, Honeymooners! It’s been busy for me lately, and I hadn’t had any available time to post. What have I been up to? Well, namely, I became a core member of an organization that aims to put an end to racial profiling and brutality/excessive force from our local police. We started with a die-in demonstration, where I performed a piece of original writing with a human mic (anyone who’s ever seen it in action will know what I mean) echoing me. Since then we’ve been having meetings and have introduced ourselves to city council. I have faith that we’ll have a positive, long-term impact on the community. 🙂

So, it’s only now that we’re taking a break for the holidays and I’m also off work that I’ve been able to put the focus back on my fashion! Christmas Day I spent alone, and since the weather had finally stopped being so dreary, I ventured out with my camera, immediately wincing when I felt the wind coming in strong gales. Thankfully, my tripod held its own and there were no disasters. I wouldn’t have been able to bear it if I had to replace/repair yet another camera this year!

Anyway, about the look: I was thrifting at my favorite place last weekend and I came across this super-cute striped pullover top with three-quarter sleeves. It looked a bit too short but then I thought, well…is there really anything wrong with a crop top in winter? No. I tossed it into my cart and then upon trying it at home, I decided it could be even shorter, so I gave it a neat little trim. The whole point of a crop top is to show off your midriff, so I had to pair it with some seriously low-rise jeans. Of course, there was only one pair that fit the bill…


When I was ten years old I had my first pair of Calvin Klein jeans. I loved them like nothing else. The denim was a gorgeous medium wash, and they were that perfect, seemingly rare combination: fitted and comfortable. I wore them constantly for the next year and a half until there was a hole at one of the back pocket corners that grew too large to ignore. Even then, I was reluctant to part with them and kept them in my closet for some time.

Ever since then, I have surreptitiously searched for a replacement for that consummate pair of CKs. I’d find the proper tags on the back of jeans I’d be rifling through on racks that seemed to never end, and leave disappointed because they were the wrong size, or too worn, or too short, or something else. One fall day this year though, I was rummaging through another long rack of jeans, and I found the perfect pair of straight-leg Calvins–almost the same shade as the original pair I had. The denim wasn’t so soft, but they fit nicely, with the rise being deliciously low.

In short, I set up my newly-shortened crop top and dream jeans on a date, and there was serious chemistry. I topped the look with a wool and faux-fur coat, a vintage find from Atomic Warehouse, booted up with my favorite cognac lace-ups, went up to the rooftop terrace, and watched the magic happen.

IMG_9716 IMG_9712 IMG_9700IMG_9711IMG_9699 IMG_9704 IMG_9703

3 thoughts on “A Girl And Her Calvins

  1. First of all, I love what you’re doing for the community. I’m also looking for ways to be involved in decreasing police brutality amongst our youth. Keep up the good work. Also, I LOVE those jeans! Levi’s are normally my go to jeans, but who knows. CK might be my new go to.
    http://www. Fashionfrappuccino.com

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  2. Angela,
    Hi girl. This is the comedian you met at the bus station.
    I would be honored to do a benefit for your cause. This racial thing has to stop.
    Book me, and together we can make a difference.


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