Too Cool To Know You

Hello again, Honeymooners! Life has been absolutely maddening! And I love it!!


I’ll be completely honest now and say the last bit of December wasn’t all that; I instigated a very necessary break-up and it kinda shattered my heart, as these things typically do. But I’m whole again, what with my cathartic blogging on Sept Jours (yes, I started another new blog!), and everything else that’s been going on, namely with This Stops Today Harrisburg, the organization I mentioned in my last post. We had not one, not two, but THREE scheduled events for this week–two town halls, the second of which takes place today, and a die-in on the last day of the PA Farm Show taking place Saturday, January 17th. I’ve been so excited about everything, and so tired that I have actually been going to bed at reasonable hours! Yay me!

Let’s back up again a few weeks though, to when I originally shot this look I’m featuring. Christmas Day I was all by myself, and I really needed to be. I was still down and out about my split and I didn’t care to infect anyone else with my misery. But at one point I was able to see past the blackness of my mood and notice the wintry sunshine coming through the windows, and I realized it had been a little while since I had taken any pictures.

I went into full-on NYC-alpha-whoisTHAT-vixen mode for this look. It was my way of empowering myself. I thought, what would I wear if I were in a big city, if I wanted to look really hot, but didn’t want to put in too much effort?

Leggings as pants, obviously. I donned my new black ones, lined with plush. I pulled on my vintage knee-high black boots, an impulsive Etsy purchase after another breakup that happened almost two years prior. I paired the leggings and boots with a sheer black button-up shirt, a birthday gift from my mama, with my vintage black lace Christian Dior bra underneath and a men’s navy blazer found at Salvation Army on top. The finishing touch was the camel coat with the faux-leather belt. It’s not secondhand; I bought it from Victoria’s Secret years ago, but it’s one of my all-time favorites nonetheless. The oversize collar with its sweater-knit inset makes it look like I’m a model hailing a cab. That’s really the best way to describe it. I always feel like I’m on another level when I wear it, no matter what I’ve got on underneath.


I strutted outside in all this, unaware until the last possible second of the fierce winds that made me feel the cold all the way down to my bones. But I stayed out there. I started shivering. I took my coat off anyway. My nose started running. My hair obscured my face most of the time. I kept setting the timer. Kept posing. Kept…going.

IMG_9682 IMG_9683IMG_9687

And when I reviewed those shots, I looked fly as fuck. Just the antidote, and a fitting Christmas gift to myself.

IMG_9691 IMG_9695 IMG_9692IMG_9694IMG_9696

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