The Blue School

Hello, Honeymooners! How are you all faring in this very early spring? It’s been so difficult these past months to shoot anything, what with the frigid temperatures and snowfalls and sleet and ice and just…ugh. We got a snowstorm just yesterday! Thankfully, what it left hasn’t stuck around.

There was a bright spot last month. The sun rose high and bright in the sky; there wasn’t a drop of precipitation and the temperature was just above freezing. I’ve been going style stir-crazy, so took the prime opportunity to shoot several looks to painstakingly parcel out to you here until the weather gives me the freedom to return to a more continuous flow of content.

The weather was really inspirational when it came to coordinating this next set of looks, if nothing else. You all know how punny I usually am with my titles, so while I was deciding between which of my blue sweaters to pull off its hanger, I decided on both. I thought of the varied colors of the ocean and “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” immediately popped into my head. Because of the cold outside, I’d modify it slightly to “20,000 Leagues Below…” (indicating zero), and style myself all in shades of beautiful blue and green.

So here is the first installment of the set, Honeymooners, “The Blue School”. This features a look I became enamored with recently–shorts over tights/leggings. It became my default going-out-to-groove look in winter. It was a temperate alternative to jeans and dresses/skirts, ensuring that I wouldn’t freeze while outside, nor get overheated while inside, and also giving me the convenience of pockets. Genius, if I do say so myself. And I just did.


The shorts were a lucky Salvation Army find from a couple summers ago. I’ve always had trouble finding shorts I liked, and had resorted to making cutoffs from defunct pairs of jeans to get some that I wanted to wear. It’s hard out there for a woman who doesn’t want to just barely cover her butt, or look like she’s headed for early retirement in Bermudas. These shorts hit the sweet spot and came in a lovely wash of denim that can be dressed up or down.

The thought that overwhelmed in creating this look was the ‘untucked, rebellious prep schooler’ aesthetic. So I put on my blue-green collared, button-down shirt and topped it with another thrift store find, a blue striped pullover made by Old Navy. You’ve seen the vintage granny lace-up boots on my feet before in numerous other posts.

The coat was one of my all-time best finds (and for this look, I draped my vintage fur collar around the shoulders, almost as ubiquitous as the boots). For a couple of years now, I’ve dreamed of owning a coat in every color of the rainbow (perhaps a few that are outside of that scale), and I had been searching online for a vibrant turquoise topper after seeing a woman on the street wearing one. The last time I went to Salvation Army with my friend (featured with me in my Galentine’s Day post), I was browsing the coat rack, and what did I find but this stunner of a boxy swing coat with broad shoulders and scalloping on their seams. As soon as I found it fit I didn’t hesitate to claim it as my own, and I still feel my heart lift a bit when my eyes are drawn to it among all my other coats hanging in my hall closet.


This is what I do my best to communicate in every one of my posts…many times, clothing isn’t just practical. It’s a tool of expression, an embodiment of a hope, a dream, an achievement. Many times, there’s a warmth that goes beyond a way to guard against the cold outside.

I’ll be seeing you again very soon, Honeymooners, with the next “20,000 Leagues Below…” installment, “Emerald City Views”!



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