A Lil’ Bit About…

Me: Angela. 29. Black. Queer. Writer. Reader. Resister. Cookie monster. Black cat owner. Owner of awesomely wild curly hair. Lover of thrifted & vintage clothing and home goods, Jonathan Kellerman novels, Corgis, spending Saturdays at the farmer’s market, strawberry-peach milkshakes, pumpkin oatmeal, and pancakes made with eggnog.

Secondhand Honeymoon: I didn’t grow up being able to afford all the latest in the department stores, so when I was in that bastion of superficial judgment known as high school, I developed a taste for thrift and vintage shops. That taste quickly blossomed into a deep and abiding love, and this 100% DIY blog is my way of honoring it. And of course to keep with the blog title, the looks you see are crafted from nearly all secondhand finds. I hope those who view Secondhand Honeymoon will be inspired to get creative and give clothing items with a history a second chance at being loved.

Now…we can go play!


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